Interim Recruitment Solutions Your flexible layer of recruitment professionals

Interim Recruitment Solutions

Your recruitment strategy is aimed at filling as many vacancies as possible in your own region. You therefore invest in a successful, in-house recruitment team. At the same time, you realise that your recruitment demand is unpredictable and that there is no structural need for your recruitment knowledge and capacity. To increase your flexibility, you could operate with a flexible team of recruitment professionals.

Sterksen, as your recruitment partner, will help you increase the flexibility of your recruitment department by adding specialist know-how and capacity. After all: anything goes to win the battle for scarce talent!

This is what we can do for you:

1. Providing temporary recruitment (management) capacity

Carefully selected interim recruiters and sourcers strengthen your own HR or recruitment department during a specific period and fill your outstanding vacancies during a short time. We know the recruitment professionals that are or are becoming available at short notice, and who match your specific recruitment need. Our interim recruitment professionals not only meet your need for temporary capacity, but also bring up-to-date knowledge of recruitment methods and techniques and share those with your own recruitment organisation.

2. Jointly training sourcers

We are constantly on the lookout for new recruitment talent. We train suitable candidates at our own Academy and assist sourcing talent on the job at clients.

3. Managed Flex Workforce

Manage your interim recruitment pool. We make sure that flexibility and continuity go hand in hand. We secure the job market and recruitment knowledge, which subsequently can be added to your recruitment team as a ‘flexible shell’. This will save you time and money when up and down-sizing your recruitment activities.

4. Additional search capacity

Searching and actively approaching candidates is a time-consuming activity that requires specific competences, skills and personal characteristics. Not every recruiter can (and wants to) carry out search activities.
Sterksen offers recruitment departments structural, professional support in their search activities. We do this in the form of search-hour subscriptions at competitive rates.

Why Interim Recruitment Services?
  • It increases the flexibility of your recruitment organisation
  • It is flexible and scalable
  • It adds recruitment capacity and knowledge where required
  • It secures knowledge and continuity
  • It accelerates the implementation of changes within your recruitment function
Sterksen's Interim Recruitment Services guarantees:
Always the best available interim professional

The most suitable and available candidates for your interim recruitment issue because of our pro-active approach.

Versatility and flexibility, and consequently cost-efficiency

Recruitment capacity and knowledge for when you need it.

A personal approach

A personal and confidential approach, that regular satisfaction surveys confirm our clients and candidates appreciate.

Up-to-date recruitment expertise

Many years of recruitment experience, knowledge of the job market and its tools, recruitment methods and techniques at your disposal.