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Are you passionate about data engineering and ready to take on a pivotal role in a rapidly growing European software powerhouse? Look no further! At Everfield we’re on a mission to transform the landscape of vertical market and specialist software companies across Europe, and we’re seeking a Senior Data Engineer to be a driving force in our data journey.

De organisatie

Everfield ( is a platform with a mission in acquiring, building and grow vertical market and specialist software companies, focused on continental European businesses.

Everfield invests in and provides support and best practices to software companies, offering a full playbook to improve every aspect of a software company, with long-standing experience when it comes to growth, marketing & sales and software development direction.

Everfield is looking to be the leader in European vertical and specialist software solutions across myriad niche industries who provide mission critical applications, service and support to their clients. Everfield targets controlling positions, typically 100% in companies with recurring annual revenue of €2-8 million. It focuses on identifying companies that have their own IP and possess high-quality software solutions, such as mission-critical or value-added products tailored to a specific market (e.g. HR, finance/accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems).

Everfield is backed by sponsor Aquiline Capital Partners, with the group having built up a portfolio of 100-plus software businesses in total so far. Everfield is located throughout Europe, with offices in UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Spain and Latvia. The current headcount is about 400 with recent acquisitions and with a 5-year total headcount anticipated to be up to 2,500 people across Europe.

De functie

As Senior Data Engineer at Everfield, you will use your experience and skills to build and maintain the Azure based data infrastructure for the group. Together with an external consultant, you will create the foundation for reporting and analytics initiatives throughout the company. After + 6 months, you will take over full responsibility for Data Engineering at Everfield.

You will become the second member of the Business Intelligence (BI) team. The BI team creates value for various stakeholders (CEO, CFO, FP&A, Financial integration team, COO, Sales, Acquisitions, HR and Everfield’s portfolio companies), by creating insights, delivering analysis, automating reporting processes and improving data quality. The team works with data from various systems, including financial data from the accounting systems, sales pipeline data from the portfolio companies’ CRM systems, Acquisition pipeline data from Everfield’s CRM system, as well as HR data from the HRM.

The scope of your role is expected to scale in line with the company’s growth and maturity level. Everfield will scale from the 6 portfolio companies currently, to approximately 60 companies in the next 5 years. Your scope is expected to evolve as follows:

  • Short-term (6m): build the platform (together with an experienced Freelance consultant), initial focus on internal financial reporting
  • Mid-term (6-12m): increase the scope to sales and acquisition
  • Long-term (12m+): scale the platform whilst ensuring stability and continuing improvements

In the future we expect to add additional headcount to the BI team, in line with the growth of the company.

Het profiel


Fueling data-driven excellence, you’ll be at the helm of a dynamic role. From shaping the Azure data landscape to crafting impeccable pipelines, your responsibilities span the realms of innovation and security. Here’s an overview of your responsibilities:

Platform Development and Maintenance:

  • You are responsible for maintaining the Azure data infrastructure. This includes monitoring and managing Azure resources and costs.
  • You also oversee Azure DevOps, where you establish and maintain CI/CD processes for Azure and Power BI.
  • Maintaining GIT repositories and branching strategies is part of your role.

Data Requirements Assessment:

  • You inform clients about the feasibility of their data needs.
  • If the requirements cannot be met, you suggest alternative solutions.

Data Modeling and Transformation:

  • You build data systems and pipelines based on a medallion architecture.

Data Ingestion, Verification, and Validation:

  • You extract raw data from upstream sources.
  • You work on improving data quality and efficiency.
  • You analyze and organize raw data.

Pipeline Performance and Stability:

  • You monitor and resolve issues related to patterns in data quality and pipeline health.
  • Developing and maintaining troubleshooting guides (TSGs) is part of your responsibilities.

Compliance & Security:

  • You drive data governance initiatives to ensure compliant data handling.
  • – You tag data based on categorization.
  • – Documenting data type, classification, and lineage to ensure traceability is one of your tasks.
  • – You create and maintain a data glossary.
  • – Managing Azure identities and access rights, including the use of Role-Based Access, Row-Level Security, and Object-Level Security, falls under your purview.

Ideal candidate profile

With a flexible mindset and a results-driven approach, you bring relevant experience with the Azure platform. Proficient in SQL, Python/PySpark, you also have hands-on experience with, particularly using the Kimball methodology, and excel in data quality and testing. Your ability to create efficient data pipelines is well-praised, and you’ve effectively collaborated within DevOps practices. You’ve successfully adhered to CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) principles. Additionally, your fluency in English is a valuable asset

Het aanbod

  • Competitive salary;
  • Working from home and on location;
  • Working in an international environment;
  • You can experience a lot of independence and freedom within your role;
  • And more additional secondary conditions.

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