Total Talent Management

Een geïntegreerde recruitmentaanpak voor vaste en tijdelijke werknemers

Total Talent Management.

Total Talent Management by Sterksen

In the current labour market it’s important to find and connect with the best possible talent in the market, despite the contract form (permanent or contingent) of said talent. Sterksen will provide you with a Total Talent Management (or Total Talent Acquisition) solution that will unburden you and your organization, resulting in the right talent at the right times and savings on your contingent workforce process.

What is Total Talent Management (TTM)?

Lots of organizations have their recruitment focus on sourcing for permanent positions, while a lot of professionals are choosing to freelance nowadays. These contingent candidates are often hired directly by the business (not recruitment or HR), resulting in too wide of a range of suppliers, high costs, loss of overview of the hiring process and little control and knowledge about the risks of hiring a contingent candidate.

A Total Talent Management (Total Talent Acquisition) approach by Sterksen will combine the hiring process of both permanent and contingent professionals into one holistic recruitment solution. You will get the right talent at the right time and place, despite the contract form, and all risks and challenges will be transparent and under control.

The benefits of Total Talent Management

At Sterksen we provide you with a TTM solution combining our years of experience in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and being a supplier of high-quality interim solutions. By using our knowledge of both the permanent and contingent hiring processes, we can provide you and your organization with the perfect Total Talent Management approach: this will enhance your hiring process and will simultaneously result in cost savings. This is how we do it:

Working from a Total Talent Management perspective, means having one central recruitment desk for the whole labour market: so for both permanent and temporary employees. Then it’s possible to build up talent pools for scarce target groups, where temporary workers can be found to fill up immediate problems in a team and later permanent positions can be filled as well. Working with one central recruitment desk also results in having the same selection criteria for both permanent and temporary candidates. Your contingent workforce has the same skills and values as your permanent workforce, which is important when keeping your organization’s long term goals in mind. Also, when using a holistic approach for both temporary and permanent positions and themes such as sourcing, selection, onboarding and appraisal, the Candidate Experience will be improved for all found talent.

Besides the enhancement of your recruitment processes, a Total Talent Management solution will also result in cost savings. By combining all the hires of contingent employees in one MSP contract (so you don’t have an endless list of vendors) you will get transparency in the hiring process. You will know the rates for every type of position and because of our transparent reporting you know your savings as well.

An holistic HR approach

A Total Talent Management solution is more than just the answer to your recruitment needs. The entire HR process of sourcing, development, assessing, rewarding, onboarding and outflow (for both permanent and temporary employees) will be combined into one holistic approach. Issues such as jobmarketing, recruitment data, recruitment tooling, employer branding and other HR related tasks are also taken care of. TTM is a complete solution and we are happy to examine how your organization can benefit from this approach. Call Erik Hollander for more information about our Total Talent Management service.

Total Talent Management by Sterksen means:

Fast, powerful and efficient

You profit from many years of recruitment experience, and our knowledge of the latest tools and systems.

Maximum flexibility

You select the services and modules you want to use from the possibilities we offer.

Lower costs

You pay less than you would do to a traditional agency, and you set the budget for all the activities we are to carry out.

Full-service solution

While you focus on your core business, we start the search for new talent.