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How we go about our recruitment process is a little bit different from what many candidates and clients may expect. Within the business unit called TechCube we focus more on the candidate’s selection process instead of working from an assignment of a client. In the current IT labour market, good developers are very wanted in many organisation but are in short supply. They therefore have many options, organisations and jobs to choose from, and we are the ones that want to help them make the right choice.

Our recruitment process works as follows: first, we want to come in contact with you (yes, you!), the perfect candidate. Are you a development professional with experience in C#.NET, JAVA, Python, php or Javascript and are you ready for a new step (or maybe the first step) in your career? TechCube can help you! We would like to get in contact with you and figure out your wants and needs. What do you do? Which aspects of a job matter the most? What kind of organisation are you looking for? When we get an idea of what might be the perfect kind of job for you, we will look into our portfolio of possible employers for your needs. What’s more, is that we of course will also look outside of our own network of employers: this way we will find you the perfect job.

The process, however, will not end by introducing you to a new employer. We will guide you throughout the whole selection period. This means we will prepare you for your interviews and will help you during your negotiations: we want the offer of your possible new employer to match your expectations. We will give you feedback during the process and finally we are hopefully the first ones to congratulate you with your new job!

Because TechCube is a new business unit with the organisation of Sterksen, we are bringing a large network and a lot of experience to the table. Sterksen was founded in 2002 and is an established name with IT recruitment. This in combination with our passion and interest for development makes us the perfect agency to help developers find their dream job within the ever changing IT labour market. Would you give us a chance to convince you too? Please contact us, you can find our information below!

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Neal van de Kar and I have been working as a recruiter for over five years now, 1.5 years of which I have been working at Sterksen. I have always had an interest in Software Development and the diversity of the languages and applications within development. To me it is a challenge to get to know as much as possible about development and to be a knowledgeable discussion partner about this subject. Because that is of course how to reach the ultimate goal within recruitment: the perfect match!

Hello! My name is Juul Masseurs and I have been an IT recruiter (with a focus on Software Development) for about four years. I am in contact with candidates and clients on a daily basis to find both parties a perfect match that will satisfy everyone’s needs. Are you looking for a new challenge as a software developer or are you looking for such a professional to join your organization? Than I would like to have a chat with you to see if I can help you!

Need more information?

Mediation by TechCube means guaranteed:
Fast and effective

You benefit from many years of expert knowledge, the best technology, and the most up-to-date market information.

Only top candidates

Our one-on-one pro-active approach will net you the senior talent that perfectly matches your organisation.

Personal approach

Regular satisfaction surveys confirm that both clients and candidates value our personal and confidential approach.

Internationale focus

Sterksen werft niet alleen in Nederland, maar ook in België, Duitsland, Frankrijk en Engeland.