Managed Service Provider

Het Sterksen Hybrid MSP model

Managed Service Provider.

Sterksen as your Managed Service Provider

Do you have a large population of contingent workers within your organization, provided by various suppliers? Do you struggle with difficult processes and little to no insights in the supplier chain, determining rates and the risks of hiring contingent talent? With Sterksen as your Managed Service Provider you will get a grip on your contingent workforce.

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A MSP serves as the link between your organization and the various suppliers of contingent labour. A Managed Service Provider coordinates the entire hiring process of external resources. This does not only entail the administration of contracts, hours and invoices, but also the sourcing and selection of your external resources. By implementing an MSP solution your organization will gain more insight in and clarity about your strategic workforce planning.

Hybrid MSP Model

At Sterksen we choose to offer you our Hybrid MSP Model. As your MSP partner we will manage your supply chain of selected suppliers, take care of all the administrative tasks and set up a direct sourcing solution to source and select self-employed contrators and freelances by using your employer brand. We are not an average Managed Service Provider: we can accommodate you and your organization in various other HR tasks as well. For example supplier- and contract management, negotiations about the rates, onboarding & risk mitigation and improving the candidate experience. Another advantage about our Hybrid MSP approach is that our recruiters are embedded in your organization, same as with our RPO services, and work at your location(s) for a few days a week (unless when in times of social distancing). Our way of working will result in lasting knowledge within your organization about your contingent workforce program.

Advantages of our Hybrid MSP Model.

Besides the fact that our recruiters are embedded in your organization, you can also always count on our complete transparency and openness. Our regularly reporting will always be in scope of the processes and results. Our communication is clear and straight to the point. That’s one major perk of working with a Managed Service Provider. Our recruiters are specialized in direct sourcing and have a large network of independent contractors and freelancers. All of these benefits result in complete unburdening in a way that we will leave your employees with time to handle other projects. Lastly, when you partner with Sterksen as your a Managed Service Provider you can count on cost savings on the short and long term.

Managed Service Providing process of Sterksen

As your Managed Service Provider, we make sure to explore the entire labour market in our search for the best professionals. We will not only ask your preferred suppliers, but also will source external resources ourselves as well. For the subsequent contract management, we will also unburden you completely. We make use of VMS tooling to support the end to end process of hiring external resources from processesing new requests to compliance & contract management, time registration, invoicing and reporting.


Do you like to learn more about Sterksen and our MSP solutions? Please contact Rob van de Ven. E:, M: +31 (0)6 50879388

More information?

Rob van de Ven tells you all about the possibilities.

Sterksen als Managed Service Provider betekent gegarandeerd:

Fast, powerful and efficient

You profit from many years of recruitment experience, and our knowledge of the latest tools and systems.

Maximum flexibility

You select the services and modules you want to use from the possibilities we offer.

Lower costs

You pay less than you would do to a traditional agency, and you set the budget for all the activities we are to carry out.

Full-service solution

While you focus on your core business, we start the search for new talent.