IT Recruitment Amgen

Since 2005, Sterksen has been active for Amgen, the international bio-pharmaceutical organisation. With an IT-organisation that is responsible for the entire EMEA-region, Amgen operates from Breda with a wide range of IT-specialists. Sterksen searches for candidates for a variety of hard-to-fill positions and contributes to the recruitment of international professionals in Infrastructure, Architecture, Business Application Management and generic management positions, which require a strong business alignment. The main focus is a combination of Business Process experience, Stakeholder Management and in-depth ERP knowledge. Sterksen supports Amgen’s Recruitment Department by finding independent professionals driven by substantive issues.

“Amgen has worked with Sterksen for a number of years. At a time when we are making increasingly less use of recruitment agencies, Sterksen demonstrated its added value. Sterksen has filled particularly hard-to-fill positions by using their extensive IT-network. They advise on the profile and analyse the market. In addition, they communicate well and we regularly receive an overview of their activities to fill the pipeline. Sterksen has shown what it is capable of as a business partner when it comes to hard-to-fill positions”.

Femke Deckers – Talent Acquisition Manager, Amgen

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