Sourcing power Our core.

Vision and core values

Sterksen wants to distinguish itself from its competitors by quality: our strength is sourcing the best talents in the market for the prime companies in the market. Sourcing power, our core. This means that we are not willing to accept every assignment, or work under all conditions. But once we do decide to take on an assignment, we give it our all. No concessions made!

We work according to a set of core values. These include that we:

  • only work on concrete, solid assignments for existing, concrete clients
  • meet all our candidates in person and support them throughout the entire process
  • never forward a cv without the candidate´s express consent
  • never work on a vacancy without a client´s express instructions
  • communicate openly and transparently, and provide a clear picture of the ‘black box’. Even if things do not go as well as we had anticipated.

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