IT Labour market monitor 2017 – Netherlands

Breda, 23 mei 2017

Following the previous editions, we hereby present you the Dutch IT labour market monitor for 2017. Again we would like to bring you up to speed with IT labour market trends, developments and specific data on the IT labour competence in The Netherlands.

The demand for IT professionals is at a boiling point at the start of 2017. We have experienced a similar market in 2006 and 2007. Demand is unstoppable and huge for “everything software development related”.

Regarding the younger IT professionals, for every 26 vacancies there is one junior IT professional available. In case of the mid-career IT professionals, for every 16 vacancies there is one professional available. Best recruitment results can be expected in the senior target group, but companies still have a strong preference to hire mid-career professionals. Overall demand is much higher than supply could possibly satisfy, regardless of experience level.
Although the number of published vacancies are still rising, the growth is slowing down. At the same time we know that given the low response rates, many positions are not being published anymore. So it’s harder to say if demand is really nearing the top. What we do know, is that there is an increase in the number of self-employed IT talent. Especially at the mid-career level, self-employed IT talent is growing relatively fast.
As before, this edition will give you new insights into sourcing facts and figures, market competition and what drives the employee when choosing a new employer. We hope you enjoy reading this report.

We have tried to keep this report as compact as possible and easy to read. As a result, it´s not possible to display all the raw data. So, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Donald Derksen
Paul Storimans
Marko Hol